DB Resale

About us

Who we are

DB Resale is Deutsche Bahn's central sales platform. We offer used rail vehicles, related spare parts, various machines, construction machinery as well as secondary raw materials from DB's stock at reasonable prices. In addition, you will find other utility items such as office supplies and DB originals of all kinds. 

We are your competent, reliable partner in sales and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.   

Sustainability and resource conservation are close to our hearts.  

DB Resale is one of over 150 green measures initiated by Deutsche Bahn. In this way, we are actively driving forward DB's green transformation. Not only do we avoid loss of value but also consciously extend the service life of the equipment and materials we use, conserve valuable resources and reduce the burden on the environment. 


For DB employees

Here you can offer, search for and acquire decommissioned DB equipment such as machine tools, depot equipment, forklifts, office furniture including accessories and other reusable items within the Group. 

In our capacity as DB's central point of sale, we also use the platform to process your registrations regarding the external sale of secondary raw materials and recycled materials. 

DB employees can find more information and a user guide for DB Resale on our DB planet page.